2014-2015 Irimia Hapchina
2013-2014 Felicia Costea
2012-2013 Felicia Costea
2011-2012 Felicia Costea
2010-2011 Irimia Hapchina
2009-2010 Irimia Hapchina
2008-2009 Irimia Hapchina
2007-2008 Felicia Costea
2006-2007 Felicia Costea
2005-2006 Lucian Mircioiu
2004-2005 Lucian Mircioiu
2003-2004 Valer Eugen Demian
2002-2003 Adrian Neagu / Dan Bosica
2001-2002 Adrian Neagu


Nov 28th, 2010 House of Commons/ Chambre des Communes, Ottawa, Canada
The 2010 British Columbia Romanian Community Award Presented by Peter Julian (MP Burnaby - New Westminster) at the 10th Romanian Festival to:
BC Romanian Community Center - Organization
Cristian Armeanu - Volunteer
Dana Ciocan - Volunteer
Felicia Costea - Volunteer
Valer Eugen Demian - Volunteer
Irimia Hapchina - Volunteer
Adrian Neagu - Volunteer
Cornelia Rapcea - Volunteer


Iosif Albusel
Dan Bosica
Horia Buzgar
Valer Eugen Demian
Marian Horeanga
Florian Mitoi
Adrian Neagu
Nick Sava
Marius Scurtescu

MILESTONES (work in progress)

JUN 07, 2001 First meeting @ "The Knights" chess club
APR 10, 2001 BC RCC is officially incorporated in Victoria, BC
APR 05, 2001 The 9 founders sign the official papers for incorporation

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