About Us


* It is a non-profit organization officially founded on April 10, 2001 as per Society Act (BC Laws) at the collective written agreement of its 9 founding members.
* The yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM) elects its leadership/ Board of Directors (BOD) members as per the Constitution.
* The number Board of Directors members has always been limited to 7.
* Any BC RCC member in good standing has a vote and can be elected in the BOD.
* Over the years the activities have been organized based on a department structure.
* Department heads would coordinate and report back to BOD.

Board of Directors (BOD) 2015-2016

Irimia Hapchina - President
Ramona Anton-Dykeman - Vice-President
Liliana Aranyasz - Secretary
Sofia Boiesan - Finances
Alexandru Aranyasz


Before deciding to join us please visit the following pages to learn more about our organization:
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- Never forget
Activities (main menu) for a list of our on-going activities (see sub-menu buttons):
- Ciresarii
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